About Us

About Us

Kabadonline is the scrap collecting service making aims of contribution within Swachh Bharat Abhiyan . We are providing service to our customers with ease of usability and professionalism. Our Main objective is to provide service of collecting scrap with no fraudulence within weights and rates.
Our Trustworthy Services which customers will enjoy and this differ us from the traditional scrap businesses.
kabadonline is a place for hassle free selling of scrap at your place selling of scrap is now just a call or click away.
kabadOnline is online application to sell all your scrap in a hassle free manner and on the 10% rate higher than the local market hawkers, with special offers from time to time.
kabadonline is only one of its load in NAGPUR, India.
kabadonline is one of the revolution in the scrap market, which is always a click away, this application offers directly connect between seller and buyer.

Kabadonline is a secured online platform which allows a user to book sale pick up call of any type of scrap, hassle free. You have the convenience of booking a pick up call through our website or mobile App (android and ios) at your convenient date and time slot. Our Scrap Man (duly verified) will come on assigned date at your doorstep free of cost and buy all scrap available (conditions apply) at a pre-defined rate list available on our website as well as our mobile App. All weight will be done through digital weighing scale/machine. Payments will be made to you through mobile/cash wallet. Our promotions/Advertisement will be visible in various online/offline modes. So, you can sell all your scrap, tension free.

Innovative Organisation:

The Kabadonline is an Innovative organisation providing the facility for people to sell their waste/kabad online and user get paid for it. We provide the easiest way to people to sell your waste/scrap at their doorstep for offices, institutions, households and schools to dispose of their waste and further supply this waste to authorized recycling centres, ensuring safety and sustainability.

Key Motto:

We are providing a platform for our customer to book an enquiry by the call as well as from our application & website. We have verified agents who arrive at customer doorstep as per the scheduled date & time. Our agents will be armed with eco-friendly vehicles carry bags and an electronic weighing machine to give the customer exact weight as transparency is our key motto.

Client service:

We aim to provide high-quality service to our clients, serving them consistently for their implied and stated needs.

Employment opportunities:

We aim to develop employment opportunities for the people which help in boosting the economic growth of the Nation.